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The development of children at our childcare center focuses on two key concepts:


- Selected topics such as animals, colors, seasons, festivals, movement, etc. accompany us for 5 - 6 weeks and are integrated into the daily routine.


-We encourage the children - depending on their age and step by step - to take on everyday tasks independently, such as putting on and taking off your shoes, puting away your plate after lunch, washing your hands, tidying up toys, brushing your teeth and many other little things. Small successes in becoming independent make children proud and promote their self-confidence, and self-determination.

We Perform Movement and Outdoor Activities Every Day

Children want, and should be allowed to move. That's why we go out into the fresh air with them at least once a day. Our children love to go to the playgrounds, but we also include a varied outdoor day program such as: a picnic day at Margarethen park, a visit to the library, or a nearby play and recreation center.

Longer excursions are also an integral part of our weekly program: sometimes we take a tram and go on an excursions to a farm, or the animal park/ playground "Lange Erle", or to the Basel Zoo, and also to museums.

We Foster

Physical Development 

We consider it very important that children develop their motor skills and feel healthy. This occurs through singing, playing music, dancing, running and playing football, and by engaging with outdoor playgrounds.

In addition, a music and movement teacher creates a weekly program at Häsligruebe.

We Encourage Children to Playfully Discover the World

Self-motivation leads to brain-friendly learning. Due to the child's urge to play, both sides of the brain are addressed equally during the game. The learning process that takes place alongside is rewarded with excessive success. What has been learned is transported to long-term memory much faster and is thus permanently saved. We promote brain-friendly learning through deliberately planned time for free play, but also through child-friendly, planned group activities and excursions.

We understand that healthy nutrition is the base for healthy children 

Your children need proper nutrients to stay healthy and strong, and grow up healthy and strong. Nutrition for children can also help establish a foundation for healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge that your child can apply throughout life.

Our 6 week menu plan was developed with help f from the College of Higher Education in Bern (Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics)

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