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Our Services for you 

Care Hours for Working Parents 

  Our Häsligruebe daycare center offers family-friendly care hours and is open for you

from Monday to Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6:20 p.m.

The Häsligruebe is closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

Integrated Bilingual Environment as a Routine

All caregivers speak to the children in their native language (Swissgerman or English). This way, the children come in contact with both languages on a daily basis, and in a natural way. The experience of learning multiple languages is a great enrichment, especially in the early childhood.

Healthy Meals Prepared by Ourselves From Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients
We understand that healthy nutrition is the base for a healthy child. 

Your children need proper nutrients to stay healthy and to grow up strong. Nutrition for children can also help establish a foundation for healthy eating habits and nutritional knowledge that your child can apply throughout their life.

Everyday in Contact with Nature
Nature is a place of discovery and offers the most wonderful experience. Therefor, a regular trip to nature promotes child development in a special way.
Children want, and should be allowed to move. That's why we go out into the fresh air with them at least once a day.We visit playgrounds and also include a varied outdoor day program such as: a picnic at Margarethen park, a visit to the library, or a nearby play at a recreation center. 
Above all, sensory perception, motor skills, creativity, and imagination are stimulated and encouraged..

We Foster Physical Development 

We consider it very important that children develop their motor skills and feel healthy. This occurs through singing, playing music, dancing, running and playing football, and by engaging with outdoor playgrounds.

In addition, a music and movement teacher creates a weekly program at Häsligruebe.

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